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My Core Approach to finding your true uncovered Self

To truly live an aligned life, to truly know your Self - we need to detach from society's norms and given constructs, look at these things & re-evalute how we really feel about them.

I am talking about topics like relationships & how we want to experience them.

Moving in together. Rules & Conditions we automatically establish.

Like the topic of developing feeling for another person (because Soul Fire doesn't care about circumstances). Like the topic of what we automatically condemn as "cheating".

Like why we go to church on Christmas.

Like how we truly want to live our lives. I'm talking about topics like settling down, children, marriage and so on.

Like how we make decisions (mind vs. soul fire e.g.).

Like how we want to run our business.

Like how we automatically react to & feel about a certain situations & even emotions.

Once we've figured this out, our unique & maybe in some points unconventional view of the world & life, we really know ourselves. Then we are one step closer to being the confident & bold person who embodies her extraordinary Self! ... we can start becoming....

Which area in your life would you like to re-evaluate?

Talk to me ;-)

Love, Clenda

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