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ist eine Masterclass & Mentorship Reihe

Ein Festival, das dich und die Verbindungen in deinem Leben auf

ein neues Level hebt. Ein Event, das die Liebe zelebriert.

Die Liebe zu dir selbst & zu deinem Gegenüber.


Ein Ort, an dem du deine innere Stärke aufleben lassen und dich selbst finden kannst. Für ehrliche, authentische & tief gefühlte Beziehungen.

The epic kind ;-)

Venus 2.0


"Venus 2.0 is a place of selflove, of empowerment. And once you're confidently anchored in youself like this, connections in your life will move to a whole new level of depth, honesty and epicness."

DAS LINE-UP des Festivals

3 Masterclasses und 3 Spots für 1:1 Mentorship



“Empowered Dating” | Eine 4-tägige VENUS 2.0 Masterclass
“Soul-Aligned Relationships” | Eine 4-tägige VENUS 2.0 Masterclass
“Empowered Communication” | Eine 4-tägige VENUS 2.0 Masterclass

THE MENTORSHIP | 4 Call Love Empowerment Accelerator

Unleash Your Best


1:1 Mentorship | 4 Call Abo

Empowered You.
Confident You.
Soul-Aligned You.
Sensual You.

That’s the recipe for epic romances, deep connections & honest relationships.

Ein Safe Space für dein Thema. Deine Herausforderung.
Was immer präsent ist, we got this!



The most epic connections, the most poetic relationships, the most honest & authentic partnerships… they’re all possible.

And they all start with what essentially is the most important relationship of all:

The one you have with yourself. Yeah, you guessed it ;-)

Imagine this feeling in your body when you feel truly liberated from everything that is limiting you. Everything that’s holding you back from really experiencing yourself. In your body. In your strength.


When you are so deliciouly anchored in your individuality, knowing your needs, desires and what’s true for you. Being in full soul expression, embracing the unconventionality of it all.

This is you, empowered to the very core.

Empowered in who you are.
Empowered in how you show up.
Empowered in how you interact.

You get to own your sensuality, your sexuality. Your uniqueness, your values.

Bringing to the table this amazing version of yourself.


Because being at peace with yourself in this way creates space for deeply honest, authentic relationships. Truly alive and feel-good experiences.

Connections that have the power to really transcend time.


Ready for your next level?


Ein Masterclass & Mentorship Festival

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